Jeff Lee

Jeff Lee

Product Manager @Robinhood. Former @Autodesk PM & Startup PM. Co-founder @Roughdraftgames. Georgia Tech & Berkeley Alum. Fluent in Rocket Science & Slack. DM about Technology, Board Games, ATL sports.

Leveraging your PM Superpowers

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the more common PM superpowers and weaknesses, how to leverage them, and how to answer the common strength/weakness question.

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Product School Review: Everything you need to know before considering PM Bootcamps

The author, Jeff Lee, attended Product School's PM Certificate course himself in the spring of 2018. In this article, he discusses what the course covers and how it might help your PM career.

Essential Skills Every Product Manager Should Have

Product managers come from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. So what makes a great PM? In this article, we'll cover the fundamental skills every PM should have.
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