Kevin Jin

Kevin Jin

I've previously worked at Flexport, Google, Tesla and various small startups. I enjoy writing educational content about software engineering.

System Design Interview Prep: CDNs

What are CDNs? CDNs (Content Distribution/Delivery Networks) are a modern and popular solution for minimizing request latency when fetching static assets from a server...

System Design Interview Prep: CAP Theorem

The CAP theorem is an important database concept to understand in system design interviews. It’s often not explicitly asked about, but understanding the theorem helps us narrow down a type of database to use based on the problem requirements.

System Design Interview Prep: SQL vs NoSQL Databases

In system design interviews, you will often have to choose what database to use, and these databases are split into SQL and NoSQL types. SQL and NoSQL databases each have their own strengths (+) and weaknesses (-), and should be chosen appropriately based on the use case.
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