Lindsey Parker

Lindsey Parker

Former PM turned marketing specialist, writer, and artist.

Finding the Right Data Science Mentor [Checklist]

A great mentor will help you stay on track, make connections, and support you when making tough decisions. The case is clear - finding the right one can turbocharge your career. What are you waiting for?

The New Normal For Tech PMs Navigating COVID-19

How are PMs handling the landscape amid COVID-19? We surveyed 60+ tech PMs from all industries, levels of experience, and regions of the world to find out exactly what’s changed, and we've got some solid advice to help you adjust to the new normal.

Is Product Management Certification Right For You?

You want to be a PM, but you're still building experience. Does getting PM Certified make sense? We break it down and give you a few suggestions.

Data Science Interview Questions: From Screening Through On-Site

Data scientist is one of the hottest tech jobs out there, and the interview process reflects this. From screening to on-site meeting, you’re in for what could be a months-long process. Let that sink in, then let your heartbeat return to normal - you can prepare.

These 5 Coding Bootcamps Are Worth Considering

If you love development and you're ready to make a career change, attending a bootcamp could be your best option. But choosing the right one is a big decision. Exponent combed through bootcamp evaluations from three separate sources to bring you the top 5 worth considering.

Should You Be a Data Scientist or a Data Analyst?

Data careers are hotter than ever. But how can you tell whether you should become a Data Analyst or a Data Scientist? Read on to discover the differences in qualifications and job responsibilities (and learn a few tips guaranteed to impress your hiring manager!)

How To Write A Great Software Engineering Resume: The Ultimate Checklist

You've already done the hard part. We're here to help you create a resume that represents you well. We've culled thousands of SWE resumes to create a checklist you can use to build the perfect resume.

Transitioning From Data Analyst to Data Scientist

Thinking about making the leap from Data Analyst to Data Scientist? Both roles are built on the same foundation, but there’s more to data science than statistics.
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