Stephen Cognetta

Stephen Cognetta

Hi, I'm Stephen Cognetta, co-founder of Exponent and a former Google PM who has conducted hundreds of interview sessions. I've spoken about product management at Google, WeWork, Duke, Yale, and more.

Ace the Engineering Manager Interview + Questions (2023 Guide)

Get the inside scoop on how to ace engineering manager interview questions. Learn about system design, behavioral interviews, and how to manage your team.

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Getting your first junior product management role can make or

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Interviewing for product management roles has always been one of

How to Find an Executive Coach

Here's exactly how to find an executive coach for you or your company.

How to Brainstorm Creative Answers for the Product Design Interview

Trying to come up with creative answers for the product design interview? Stephen Cognetta breaks down his formula for ideating and brainstorming answers that will impress your interviewer.

How to Prepare for a Solutions Architect Interview (Questions & Answers)

We asked solutions architect interviewers from top tech companies to share what's asked in the solutions architect interview and how to prepare.

How to Prepare for a Security Engineer Interview

To be successful in the security engineer interview, we strongly recommend reviewing security engineering fundamentals before your interviews.

How to Get an Amazon Referral

The strongest way to stand out in the application process is to get a referral from someone internal at Amazon. Of course, getting one referral from anyone at the company helps, but here are some factors that can boost the signal from your referral.

Working in Big Tech vs. at a Startup | Day in the Life

Trying to decide if you want to work at a big tech company like Google or Amazon, or if you'd be happier at a startup? I've worked at both Google and at startups and share the pros and cons.

How to Write a Resume for Google (with examples)

In this article, we'll talk about why resumes matter, what Google looks for in your resume, some concrete tips to improve your resume, and several example resumes of candidates who have gotten the job at Google.
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