Timothy Fallen-Bailey

Exponent PM Coach. Tim has worked for HP, Apple, Sybase, Siebel, Oracle, and Citrix before starting his own consulting company.

How to Pitch Your Product Vision in Product Management Interviews

This article outlines a practical 10-step approach for you to present a new product idea during a product management interview.

Three Product Strategy Tools to Use in Your Next PM Interview

If you haven't done much strategy work, then this article will give you some basic frameworks and thinking. We cover Porter's 5 Forces model, SWOT analysis, and Value Chain analysis, with examples of each. Sharpen your brains!

15 Teleconferencing Tips for a Successful Remote Interview

15 tips are given for having a successful job interview by teleconference. Written for a technical audience, it describes how to prepare a week before your interview, just before the interview, and how to conduct yourself during it.
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