Introducing: Exponent Interview Questions

A comprehensive database of real interview questions asked by tech companies. Practice your interview skills with our community-based learning platform.

At Exponent, we believe interviewing is a skill and the best way to get better is through deliberate practice.

That's why we built Exponent Interview Questions, the largest and most comprehensive database of product management interview questions and answers.

In the last few months, we've collected thousands of PM interview questions asked by 100+ top-tier tech companies, sourced by community members who've recently interviewed at these places.

On top of this comprehensive database of questions, we built a tool for you to submit written answers to these questions. With our community answers, you can improve your interview skills by learning from others' answers and sharing feedback with experienced PMs and interview coaches in the Exponent community.

By launching Interview Questions to a wider Exponent community, our hope is to (1) provide more transparency in your interview prep journey, (2) help you build a habit of practice to increase your odds at succeeding, and (3) create a platform for you to interact with and learn from our amazing community members.

Have upcoming interviews to prepare for? Sign up today to access thousands of real interview questions and start practicing!

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