We're excited to announce that we're officially open to guest blogs from the Exponent Community!

Here's a checklist of what we're looking for with your blog post:

  • Types of Content: Our readers are specifically aspiring product managers. Write your articles with this target audience in mind. What did you wish you knew when you were a product manager? What are some awesome and concrete skills you can impart?
  • Substantive and Original Content: We're looking for quality content beyond a simple bio. Feel free to be flexible with word count, but it should be at least 500 words.
  • Be Specific: It's easy to write generic articles about product management. Get into the details and be concrete so that others can learn from your experience.
  • Don't Write it Yet!: Send me a few topics you're considering writing about so that I can help guide your process. This will help reduce the likelihood that your article will be rejected.
  • Formatting: Send the article via an editable Google Document, so that I can offer critique and edits.

Excited to see your article ideas! When ready, submit them to stephen@tryexponent.com.