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Building Products for Positive Social Impact with Divya Dhar

Want to build products for positive social impact? Learn from Divya Dhar, an Exponent alumnus, about her diverse journey from being a doctor to founding non-profits and most recently a stint in product management.

Life of a European Product Manager

Interested in being a PM in Europe? Learn from Katja Muradyan, an Exponent alumnus, about her journey breaking into product from a consulting background, and her experiences building diverse products in Europe.

Landing College Internships: Engineering, Growth, and Product Management

Want to learn how to land and make the most out of prestigious internships? Read and learn from Sid Panjwani, an Exponent graduate, about what he learned from his various internships experiences spanning Engineering, Growth, and Product Management.

Product Managing the Cloud with Hemanth Kempanna

Want to learn how to build cloud-based products? Read and learn from Hemanth Kempanna, an Exponent graduate, about topics ranging from his journey breaking into product to what one should be aware of when building products in the cloud.

Breaking into Product Management from a Non-Technical Background

Want to learn how to break into product from a non-traditional, non-technical background? Read and learn all about how Azi Hussain, an Exponent graduate, did in this feature interview.
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