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Product Managing the Cloud with Hemanth Kempanna

Want to learn how to build cloud-based products? Read and learn from Hemanth Kempanna, an Exponent graduate, about topics ranging from his journey breaking into product to what one should be aware of when building products in the cloud.

Breaking into Product Management from a Non-Technical Background

Want to learn how to break into product from a non-traditional, non-technical background? Read and learn all about how Azi Hussain, an Exponent graduate, did in this feature interview.

Product Innovation with Rick Robinson, VP Product AARP Innovation Labs

In this Path to PM post, Rick and I discuss breaking into product management and how Rick ended up working in an innovation lab at AARP.

How To 10X Product Growth—SC Moatti, Founder of Products That Count

In this Path to PM post, SC and I discuss strategies for common PM interview questions, including how you would 10x growth at a company.

Preparing for the Associate Product Manager interview—Hamsa Pillai, Google APM

In this Path to PM blog post, Hamsa and Stephen discuss how to prepare and ace the undergraduate associate product management interview.

How To Break Into Product Management—Sachin Rekhi

Sachin Rekhi is the founder and CEO of Notejoy, and a prolific blogger on product management. In this Path to PM post, Sachin and I discuss five practical ways to break into product management.

Product Leaders: Influence, Service & Patience—Saeed Khan, Transformation Labs

In this Path to PM post, Saeed shares his advice if he were applying for product management careers all over again, and why great product leadership is about influence, service, and patience.

The "Why" of Interviewing—Suzanne Abate, PM Consultant and Instructor

Suzanne Abate is the co-founder of The Development Factory and online PM community, 100 Product Managers. In this Path to PM blog post, Suzanne and I discuss the "why" of PM interviewing, and how to break into product management.

10-30-50 Product Management—Shreyas Doshi, Product Lead at Stripe

Shreyas Doshi is a product lead at Stripe. In this Path to PM post, we discuss switching product management careers and Shreyas's 10-30-50 product management framework to becoming a successful product lead.

Disney's PM Director on Lean Startup and the Media Industry

Sanaz Alexander is a product manager at the Disney ABC Television Group Software Solutions team based in Burbank, CA. In this Path to PM blog post, Sanaz and I discuss applying lean startup principles to media products.
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