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Product Marketing Manager Career Path

Trying to decide if a career in product marketing management is right for you? PMM can be rewarding as you figure out how to position products and communications in the market. Learn how to think about a product marketing career below.

Top 44 Product Marketing Manager Interview Questions & Answers

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Five Essential Skills for Product Marketing Managers

This article touches upon the skills required to be a Product Marketing Manager and how you can build them ahead of your interview and getting ready to be a fit for the job.

How to Become an Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM)

This article talks about what it takes to be an APMM. The APMM program provides the skills needed to become a world-class digital Marketer.

How To Write A Product Marketing Manager (PMM) Cover Letter

Want to write a killer cover letter to get noticed by recruiters and land your dream product marketing manager role? Learn from Johna Seo, current Dropbox PMM.

15 Teleconferencing Tips for a Successful Remote Interview

15 tips are given for having a successful job interview by teleconference. Written for a technical audience, it describes how to prepare a week before your interview, just before the interview, and how to conduct yourself during it.

How to Write a Great Product Marketer Resume

Building your first product marketing resume might seem overwhelming but don't worry. Here at Exponent, we've reviewed thousands of product marketing resumes to provide you with some best practices.

Product Marketing vs. Product Management

So, what’s the difference between a Product Manager (PM) and a Product Marketing Manager (PMM)? In this article, we’ll highlight some of these similarities and differences.

Day In The Life: Google Product Marketing Manager

Robin was a Product Marketing Manager at Google and now a Product Manager at Google. He'll deep-dive on what a typical day as a Google Product Marketing Manager looks like.

How To Break Into Product Marketing Management (PMM)

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll help to illuminate your path of breaking into product marketing management.
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