System Design

System Design Interview: Load Balancers

Learn the fundamentals of load balancers and questions you might get during a system design interview.

Design Food Delivery System like Uber Eats (Mock Interview)

Learn about the system design process for Uber Eats, a food delivery app. Neeraj, an Engineering Manager at eBay, explains the functional and non-functional requirements, data models, databases, services, image validation, search functions, and more.

How to Nail the System Design Interview + Top System Design Interview Questions and Answers

System design interviews are a part of the hiring process for everyone from product managers to software engineers. Learn how to answer the most common system design interview questions and stand out in your interview.

System Design Interview: Design a Rate Limiter


The 10 Best System Design Books to Sharpen Your Skills

Looking for system design books to brush up on the fundamentals or learn more about microservices? We curated some of our favorites.

The Top 30 Engineering Manager Interview Questions of 2022

Do you love shipping great products and growing others? If so, you might thrive as an engineering manager. Exciting - until you consider the scope of the interview. To help, we've compiled a list of the top 30 EM interview questions you'll likely run into, complete with sample answers.
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