UW Foster is Offering Exponent's PM Interview Prep Course

Want to ace your tech interview? UW Foster School of Business is offering Exponent's online PM interview course to all students.

Want to ace your tech interview? UW Foster School of Business is now offering Exponent's online course to students coached by MBA Career Management. Exponent is an online interview prep platform to help MBA students land their dream tech career in product management. Exponent also includes coaching for PMM, TPM, Data Science, and other roles.

How to Get Started

To log in to the Exponent Platform, simply type in tryexponent.com/uw and log in with your student ID. If you have technical issues, email support@tryexponent.com.

Visit tryexponent.com/uw to start preparing for your interview now.

Exponent Course & Slack Channel

Exponent's online product management interview prep course is designed with a practice-based learning approach. The course consists of 60+ interactive lessons, including top questions asked by companies like Google and Facebook, as well as detailed mock PM interview examples.

All students also get access to the Exponent PM Slack Channel, where members can ask questions about the PM interview process and schedule peer mock PM interviews.

The course and Slack Channel are free for all students who work with UW Foster MBA Career Management.

Interview Coaching

Exponent also offers expert PM interview coaches from top-tier companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and more.

The coaching services are pay-per-session for students. Coaching can be accessed at tryexponent.com/coaching.

Exponent also conducts interview prep coaching for other roles, including Product Marketing Management (PMM), Technical Program Management (TPM), Data Science, Software Engineering (SWE), and Product Design. Coaching for these roles can be accessed at tryexponent.com/coaching.

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